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Brandon Kibby

CLIMB: Aconcagua
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Help Me Summit for Someone!

As part of Summit for Someone, I will be climbing Aconcagua (the tallest mountain outside of the Asian continent at 22,837 feet and one of the Seven Summits) to help benefit the at-risk teens BCM serves. I will be pushing my personal limits physically and mentally so that, with your help and my summit attempt, the BCM program can continue to reach over 300 at-risk teens nationwide. Thank you for donating on my behalf!

This will be my second adventure and fundraising effort for BCM.  I was fortunate enough to have climbed in 2010 on the Mexico Volcanoes through Summit for Someone.  That trip and the people I met through it have strenghtened my belief in this organization and its mission.  Please help me to help the future of our nation.



Donor Comments

Have a great time!

Matthew Hamilton

May be best not to tell mom I donated to your risking your life. Love you! Lana

Lana Powers

Great charity. Enjoy the adventure!

Eugene Presto

Love the Cause! Keep up the hard work! Best of Luck!

Abbey Keffaber

Wishing you and your expedition the best. Good Luck on Aconcagua!

Mark Miller

Best of luck with the climb Brandon

Brian Egan