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Brandon Kibby

CLIMB: Aconcagua
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Help Me Summit for Someone!

As part of Summit for Someone, I will be climbing Aconcagua (the tallest mountain outside of the Asian continent at 22,837 feet and one of the Seven Summits) to help benefit the at-risk teens BCM serves. I will be pushing my personal limits physically and mentally so that, with your help and my summit attempt, the BCM program can continue to reach over 300 at-risk teens nationwide. Thank you for donating on my behalf!

This will be my second adventure and fundraising effort for BCM.  I was fortunate enough to have climbed in 2010 on the Mexico Volcanoes through Summit for Someone.  That trip and the people I met through it have strenghtened my belief in this organization and its mission.  Please help me to help the future of our nation.